We are the Mover. Not a Broker.

Transparency is our motto. We are your trusted moving carrier. When you go with a long-distance, out-of-state moving carrier directly, you save time, money, and aggravation. No need for a middleman when you work with us. Family-owned and operated.

PT owns the trucks and the labor

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1. Walk around your home recording a video of all your belongings.

2. Our software scans the video and creates an itemized inventory.

3. Take 15-second videos of each room.

4. Start and stop as many times as needed.

5. Dictate as to what you are taking or not taking while videoing.

6. Get your quote within an hour!

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Move With Us

PT Van Lines Moving Long Distance

Long-distance moves.

Our long-distance, interstate movers are equipped to pack, load, and deliver your items with care and quality. You will be assigned a direct customer service coordinator to supervise your entire move and to be your trusted source. They will assist you with timelines, and tips, and answer any and all questions that may arise.

PT Van Lines Storage Facility for Moving Long Distance

Storage services.

We offer storage for all moves upon the customers' request. Sometimes you're ready to move before your new home is ready to receive you. We have got you covered and your first month is always free. Our storage facility is monitored 24/7 so you can rest assured your valuables will be kept safe and away from the elements.

PT Van Lines Packing and Wrapping and Moving Services

Packing services.

Packing an entire household up is no small feat. We take care of this chore for you. No matter if you need partial or full packing services, PT Van Lines is here for you. We put barcodes on every box and on individual items to ensure what goes up is what comes down. This also allows for accurate tracking.

Our Mission

PT Van Lines is a reputable family-owned moving company that takes pride in offering top-notch residential and commercial moving services. Our team of professional long-distance movers is dedicated to ensuring a successful and stress-free move for all our clients. We are owned and operated by experienced movers who have a deep understanding of the moving industry and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our moving crew consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have been in the industry for many years, and they use their expertise to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Our specialty is in long-distance, out-of-state moves.

"I recently moved interstate from San Francisco to Austin, and I couldn't be happier. The move was initially daunting, but thanks to the help of PT Van Lines, everything went smoothly.”

- Garth (Austin, TX)

"Throughout the move, the company's customer service was outstanding. They were always available to answer my questions and provide updates on the progress of my move."

- Margarette (Salt Lake City, UT)

PT Van Lines Long Distance Moving and Storage

Move With PT Van Lines

Your trusted out-of-state, long-distance moving carrier.




Do you offer storage options?

Yes. PT Van Lines offers storage should you need it. The first month is always free.

How are you different?

PT Van Lines is the moving carrier. When you contact PT Van Lines you are speaking with the mover and NOT the broker. We own our own trucks and employ our own staff. Please review the benefits of working with a carrier vs. a broker here.

Do you offer in-state moves?

No. PT Van Lines is an interstate moving company (out-of-state movers). We are a long-distance interstate moving carrier.

Do you offer in-home estimates?

Yes to both. We are located in Las Vegas, NV, and would be happy to provide an in-home physical estimate.

Do you offer video walkthrough estimates or a DIY self-video service?

Yes to both. We use state-of-the-art video technology to do an online, in-home video walkthrough to provide you with the most accurate quote. Click here to do a DIY self-walkthrough. If you would like to do a two-way video walkthrough please click here to pick a time.

Do you offer additional insurance coverage?

Yes. PT Van Lines offers additional coverage insurance of your choice through our trusted global and reputable third party.

Do you offer auto transport?

Yes. PT Van Lines offers auto, golf cart, boat, and motorcycle transport. Please speak to your estimators for more information.